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Landmark Turf & Native Seed is driven to bring high-quality, value-added seed products to our customers that reduce maintenance and, therefore, save time and money. Landmark services a wide range of quality turf, forage and native seeds for virtually any application, including reclamation sites, rangeland and pastures, lawns, parks, golf courses, sports facilities and sod farms.

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Landmark Turf & Native Seed Featured in ASTA Video

Check out the latest video from the ASTA (American Seed Trade Association) featuring Landmark Turf and Native Seed. ASTA highlights our dedication to providing high quality and low maintenance seed for land restoration after wildfires. As a part of the environmental and conservation seed industry...Read More

Sod Production

SOD QUALITY SEED BLENDS AND MIXTURES: SEED WITH CONFIDENCE For the sod industry, we believe that quality assurance is of equal importance to genetic integrity and performance. Turf Producer's Select® sod quality seed products are held to the highest quality standards. We identify with the producer

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Ryegrass Seed

One of the most popular choices for overseeding, ryegrasses possess a superior ability to withstand stress and wear, making it ideal for golf courses and athletic fields. This cool-season grass is known for quick establishment and a rapid germination rate. These traits allow ryegrasses to serve as p

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