Fine Fescue Grass Seed

Fine fescue is a cool-season grass ideal for golf course roughs in northern climates. It includes fine leaf types creeping red fescue, sheeps fescue, chewings fescue and hard fecsue. Although fine fescue is able to grow in partial shade and withstand periodic droughts, fine fescue is weakened in very hot temperatures and may require additional watering to survive through extreme highs that last longer than one week.

Fine fescue can be mowed down to a half inch or may go completely unmown. It requires low to moderate fertilization and water, except in high-temperature situations described above.

A-LIST (Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf)

A-LIST is an independent, non-profit, industry initiative, fostering development of sustainable turfgrass varieties and related products that perform their function with less maintenance inputs, this benefitting the environment.

A-LIST seeks to influence turfgrass breeding by creating trial guidelines and evaluation protocols to identify the best performing turfgrass varieties under reduced inputs and management.

Daisy Sheep Fescue

Long-lived with an extensive root system. Durable turf, erosion control. Tolerates cold and competes with weeds.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 680,000 Seeding Rate (Pounds/Acre): 50-100

Little Bighorn American Sheep Fescue

Less dense and generally better suited for low naturalized sites, the American Sheep fescue , sometimes referred to as Blue Hard Fescue, are different than their turf-type cousins, many of which can have parentage tracked to European turf breeding programs. Little Big Horn is a less dense bunch type grass suitable for naturalized sites, often found in golf course outer roughs and other meadow type areas. Little Big Horn will not form a dense, sod-forming turf, but will provide compact plants with upright foliage and red-purple seed heads throughout the sward. The foliage will have a slight bluish cast during the spring growth period. Excellent as a nurse with native grasses and wildflowers, Little Big Horn is at home on the golf course, in parks, and other naturalized areas where maintenance and traffic will be minimal.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 550,000 Seeding Rate (Pound/Acre): 20-175

Marvel Strong Creeping Red Fescue

Marvel Strong Creeping Red Fescue is our latest release. Marvel is adapted for use in high quality sun & shade mixes and low input mixtures. An elite variety with fine texture and rhizomatous spreading habit, better color, persistence, wear tolerance and improved density. Excellent performance when included at 15-35% of the mixture by weight, in general cool season mixes.

Minimus Hard Fescue


MINIMUS offers several options on the golf course and in general, natural low maintenance turf areas. It thrives in low maintenance management and is ideal for meadows, parks and secondary roughs, as well as n areas where turf transitions to natural areas or into shade.

Sword Hard Fescue

Sword has many low input applications on golf courses, roadsides, parks and lawns. It thrives in low input management programs where little or no nitrogen is applied and mowing and irrigation is limited or restricted. National trials in multiple locations show Sword excels under Nitrogen rates of 0-1 Lb/1000 sq. ft. / year. Higher rates result in declining performance.

Seeding rate: 20-200 pounds per acre

Woodall Chewings Fescue

Woodall Chewings Fescue is excellent for use in shade & low input mixtures and blends requiring reduced fertilizer, irrigation and mowing, saving time and money.

Woodall Chewings Fescue was named in honor of the late Don Woodall, A career seedsman, friend, and colleague of many in the green industry, Don’s passion was solving grassing challenges with low input cultivars.

-We think he would approve of this selection.

Boreal Creeping Red Fescue

Common type creeping red fescue used in many economy lawn mixtures. Use improved varieties for better turf quality, disease resistance and persistance.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 320,000 Seeding Rate (Pounds/Acre): 150-250

Hard Fescue

Dense, fibrous root system. Less drought tolerant than Sheep Fescue. Important erosion control species.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 550,000 Seeding Rate (Pounds/Acre): 100-250

Oracle Creeping Red Fescue

Oracle Creeping Red Fescue is a popular choice to use in blends and mixtures with other species, when formulating for increased shade tolerance. Oracle is also adapted for use in blends and mixtures targeted towards sandy and other well drained soils, low input turf, and erosion mixtures.

Over-seeding 3-4 lbs./1,000 ft2

New Seeding 5-6 lbs./1,000 ft2

Shadow II Chewings Fescue

Shadow II is an improved and proven, lower growing fine fescue. Adapted for low input turf, sun or shade, and with its lower growing habit, can be mowed short on the golf course.

Seeding rate 130-260 pounds per acre

Slender Creeping Red Fescue

In general, slender creeping red fescues have better salt tolerance that strong creeping red fescues, but lack heat tolerance. Widely used in cool maritime regions in Europe.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 350,000 Seeding Rate (Pounds/Acre): 150-300