Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

Kentucky bluegrass, Poa pratensis, is the most commonly used cool-season grass. Most often, it can be found providing the landscape for golf courses, athletic fields, home lawns, and parks throughout the United States. The popularity of Kentucky bluegrass is due to its ability to thrive in hot and cool temperatures, tolerance to a variety of mowing heights, and need for only moderate fertilization and watering.

Kentucky bluegrass spreads through underground runners known as rhizomes. Its root system may grow to depths of up to one and a half feet, providing dense, lush turf characterized by high resistance to weeds.

Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass

As the most consistent trial leader in overall quality ever, Midnight Kentucky bluegrass is the cultivar to which other bluegrasses have been compared for decades. Midnight Kentucky bluegrass is a very dark, uniform, dense turf and is fairly aggressive. Use Midnight Kentucky bluegrass for golf, sports, sod production, and lawn turf in cool-season and transition zones. Other features include Summer and drought tolerance as well as exceptional performance in a wide variety of well-drained soils. 

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 1,370,000; Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 90 - 135 

Common Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass, Poa pratensis, is one of the most widely used perennial, cool-season turfgrasses. The most common uses include home lawns, parks, cemeteries, institutional grounds, airfields, roadsides, gold course fairways, and athletic fields because of its ability to withstand extensive turf injury and traffic. Kentucky bluegrass thrives in full sun and partial shade and exhibits excellent cold tolerance with select varieties offering heat tolerance. Most varieties have a dark green color and a fine to medium leaf texture. 

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 1,200,000 Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 90-135

XALT Seed Enhancement

XALT™Seed Enhancement is a science based technology that can help seed reach its genetic potential by improving seedling performance. XALT is available in several Turf Producer's Select™ Sod Seed Blends and VITALITY™ professional seed blends and mixtures.


VITALITY HD SPORTS 2.5™ is a high density turf with a diverse formulation of high performance Kentucky bluegrasses featuring Hampton, Fullback, Lunar and Jumpstart. VITALITY HD SPORTS 2.5™ produces extreme wear and traffic tolerant turf that is fast to recover from hard play and its superior genetics build a remarkable advantage over summer patch and other diseases. With early spring green up and extended fall color plus full sun and stadium shade performance, VITALITY HD SPORTS 2.5™ outperforms other blends on cleated sports fields due to the synergy created with superior varieties in this heavy duty Kentucky bluegrass blend.

Enhanced with XALT™


VITALITY HD SPORTS 2.0™ is the new standard in high density performance sports turf. VITALITY HD SPORTS 2.0™ has a high density, fibrous root system that delivers extremely wear and traffic tolerant turf with the ability to recover and repair rapidly from hard play. Its superior genetics build a remarkable advantage over summer patch and other diseases. With early spring green up and extended fall color plus full sun and stadium shade performance, VITALITY HD SPORTS 2.0™ outperforms other blends on cleated sports fields due to the synergy created with superior varieties in this heavy duty Kentucky bluegrass blend.

Enhanced with XALT™


VITALITY HD SPORTS 2.0 Plus™ is a unique high density 80/20 Blue Rye turf mixture with a superb fibrous root system that is credited to Hampton (The Root Monster) along with a diverse formulation of other SUPER ELITE high performance Kentucky bluegrasses plus top performance Benchmark Perennial Ryegrass. VITALITY HD SPORTS 2.0 Plus™ quickly produces extreme wear and traffic tolerant turf that is fast to recover from hard play and its superior genetics build a remarkable advantage over summer patch and other diseases. With early spring green up and extended fall color plus full sun and stadium shade performance, VITALITY HD SPORTS 2.0 Plus™ outperforms other blends on cleated sports fields due to the synergy created with superior varieties in this heavy duty Kentucky bluegrass based blend.

Enhanced with XALT™

SPF-30 Hybrid Texas X Kentucky Bluegrass

Now Professional Turf managers can add genetic diversity with a high-performance Texas Bluegrass x Kentucky Bluegrass cross! Expanding the area of adaptation for bluegrasses, TX x KBG types have been successful farther south than traditional Kentucky bluegrasses and are adding heat tolerance and summer performance to northern zone turf. SPF 30 produces a high percentage of living ground cover throughout the summer, recovers quickly from drought, and is resistant to brown patch. With its aggressive rhizomes, SPF 30 improves the ability of tall fescue turf to recover when combined in a mixture. SPF 30 is an elite and medium-bladed bluegrass for landscape contractors, sports turf managers, and golf course superintendents who are battling the stress of summer heat. SPF 30 (HB 128) is a sister to HB 129 TX x KBG.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 1,200,000 Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 90-135

Shannon Kentucky Bluegrass

Shannon Kentucky bluegrass has an inherent vigor and responsiveness that speeds up knitting, sod formation, and ground cover density. With its quick germination and
establishment, Shannon is a must use ingredient for sod, athletic field, and golf turf blends and mixtures. Fast to recover and fast to green up, Shannon is a variety with an improved and darker green color, medium-fine texture, durable density, and improved heat tolerance.

Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 65-130 (Overseeding), 52-130 (New Seeding)

Noble (BD99-2103) Kentucky Bluegrass

Noble Kentucky bluegrass is an A-LIST Quality super elite cultivar with very dark green genetic color, wear tolerance, seeding vigor, and drought tolerance (summer density and wilting). Noble is an excellent Kentucky bluegrass for use in Elite Kentucky bluegrass mixes for golf courses and sports fields. This variety can also be used in tall fescue sod production with newer, darker, turf-type tall fescues with a dark matching color and horizontal-knitting growth habit. Noble has good winter color and outstanding competitor to poa annua as well as great performance across all disease trials.

Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 90-135

Lunar Kentucky Bluegrass

Lunar is an elite Kentucky bluegrass with deep, dark green color, fine-texture, durable density, and performs well in all cool-season and transition regions of Kentucky bluegrass use. Lunar exhibits good spring green up, improved heat tolerance and rated very high in Drought Tolerance (Dormancy) trials. This variety is great for use in sod production, athletic field, and golf turf blends and mixtures desiring a dark green color and elite performance. 

Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 65-130 (Overseeding), 87-130 (New Seeding)

Jumpstart Kentucky Bluegrass

Jumpstart Kentucky bluegrass is fast to establish, fast to recover, and fast to green up. It is a medium dark green, medium fine-textured, durable density, elite Kentucky bluegrass with improved heat tolerance for cool-season and transition zones. Jumpstart's vigor and responsiveness allow it to better compete with perennial ryegrasses as well as weed species resulting in better establishment. This variety is excellent for use on athletic fields and golf turf blends and mixtures, as well as a key ingredient in sod seed blends, producing harvestable turf faster.

Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 90-135

Hampton Kentucky Bluegrass

Hampton Kentucky bluegrass is A-LIST quality and has been nicknamed "The Root Monster" due to its standout deep and fibrous root production. This variety is a favorite Super Elite of turfgrass sod producers and rated near the top in shear strength across multiple blends, mixtures, and species at Cornell University. Hampton also adds terrific winter color, excellent spring green up and seedling vigor, drought tolerance, and traffic performance with the highest rated horizontal shoot-leaf growth habit to sports, golf and showcase lawns as well. Additionally, Hampton Kentucky bluegrass is ranked #1 under Saline irrigation in New Mexico. Hampton is adapted to cool season and transition zones. 

Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 90-135

Gaelic Kentucky Bluegrass

Gaelic is a premium Kentucky bluegrass that is outstanding for establishing new turf areas and over-seeding existing turf on sports fields, commercial landscapes and golf courses in all cool-season zones. A Hybrid America Type x Shamrock Type, Gaelic is an ideal choice for broadening the genetic base of bluegrass blends and mixtures as well as adding to turf type tall fescue.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 1,100,000; Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 90-135

Fullback (exp BD 03-84) Kentucky Bluegrass

It takes a Fullback to carry these qualifications: Best statistical performance in schedules A, B, C , Northeast, Transition, North Central, and Upper Midwest/Mountain Zone #s, 1 Traffic Tolerance at Wisconsin, and A-LIST quality. Fullback has excellent seedling vigor and establishment, spring green up, summer density and drought performance (wilting and dormancy), and low seed head expression. This variety also has great winter color and is an outstanding competitor to poa annua. The Fullback Kentucky bluegrass variety exhibits Super Elite performance across trials: # 1 Rated Summer Patch at Tennessee and TIED FOR #1 MEAN TURFGRASS QUALITY RATING OUT OF 110 ENTRIES. See Fullback (BD 03-84) in the 2006-2010 NTEP Kentucky bluegrass trial at

Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 90-135

Bluestar Kentucky Bluegrass

Bluestar Kentucky bluegrass is a hybrid variety possessing good disease tolerances and a rich, green color. This Kentucky bluegrass variety has improved resistance to leaf spot, stripe smut, fusarium blight, leaf and stem rust and dollar spot. Bluestar is an aggressive root builder with an ability to withstand heat and drought and perform well in sun or light shade. EU Listed.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 1,100,000; Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 90-135

Bluebank Kentucky Bluegrass

Bluebank is the latest super elite Kentucky bluegrass. Bluebank's proven traffic tolerance, disease resistance, dark green color, medium fine-texture, uniformity, durability, and density earn it Super Elite status suitable for professional sports stadiums and tournament hosting golf courses. Bluebank thrives in cool-season and transition zones where Kentucky bluegrass is commonly used. 

Seeding Rate (pounds/acre): 65-130 (Overseeding), 87-130 (New Seeding)

A-LIST (Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf)

A-LIST is an independent, non-profit, industry initiative, fostering development of sustainable turfgrass varieties and related products that perform their function with less maintenance inputs, this benefitting the environment. A-LIST seeks to influence turfgrass breeding by creating trial guidelines and evaluation protocols to identify the best performing turfgrass varieties under reduced inputs and management.